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What's up YouTube, it's, your boy, Casper TV. And I took the honey again. Man, I took the honey again. I took it again. I if you've seen my first video that's, when I had my little first two little testimonials, while I first tried this royal honey stuff, you feel me first tried the royal honey last video. And I was just like it's cool this that the other it's cool.

But I ran into a little situation on the situation. Well, I was like, I want to try this again and see if this stuff really rocking. Boy, you. Already know what time it is. We have to give you a story time.

So before you all keep dming me and ask me in the comments, hey, yo, where you get your honey from I'm going to link. It right here. Go ahead. Get you some honey? This ain't, no joke. This ain't, no joke. So go ahead like the video.

Go ahead. Comment, go ahead. Subscribe let's get into it. I so boom, like I said, I always want to try this stuff again. I tried it one time.

You know, sometimes one time just not enough. So I bought some mode. And I let it sit around for a.

While until the opportunity presented itself, so I was talking to this young lady on Instagram for a while boom, boom, boom, chopping. It up. Real casual conversations, Instagram led to a number. And the number led to, hey, what you got going on you trying to hang out so real casual, real casual, real cool, calm and collected type stuff, I'm like fine let's. Do it let's go out grab something to drink that she wants to do that's? What we did all right? So, like I said in these days and times, you can never really.

Be too ready now I'm saying, you can never really be too ready. So I'm, like usually when you go out and hang out with somebody for the first time, you're, not going all back just be trying to smash you're, not going to try to smash, but we kind of young, so you never know, spontaneous stuff happens. It happens all the time. So I took the honey that was sitting around for a while I was just like if I'm going to be going out, I might as well get a little prepared so grab my honey. I took about half this pack is. Gone right now, the pack is gone, but I took about half, and you know, that's, all I typically take. I already start let half of like one fourth of the packet that's fine with me.

So I took like a fourth of the packet half of the packet, whatever boom, we go out having a ball. We are not having a ball it's fun, no I'm saying, one thing led to the next going all around the city and we're stopping at multiple places. You know, just hanging out just hanging out. So boom, I was like, I know what spot I want to take you.

To so go ahead hop in the car let's get there we pull up to the place. The place is not open today. I ain't no place not open, so I'm like dang, it's, whatever, boom, I'm saying, and we just like I I'm going to catch you another time. So I take it to her house pull up outside, just like it's like a comic book movie, just like a comic book scene, I'm like I'm, going to catch you next time. Blah, blah, blah, we said, I goodbye. She is like you want to come in and watch a movie. She said, I want to watch a movie.

You feel me. Of course, I'm, like I bet I'm going to come in and watch a movie. She recommended something hilarious real good movie. I was in there having a ball so let's get into the story for real. So we're sitting there chilling watching the movie, and then she looks at me, she is like, you know, you ain't never give me a hug when we met definitely did give her a hug when we first met up, but she is like, you know, you ain't given me a hug.

And at this point, we are already out having drinks and stuff. So I'm I'm saying, you. Obviously on some different type of time, because we're just sitting here watching a movie and you're asking for a hug right now.

So in my mind I'm like let's, get right to it. So I get this young lady, her hug. And I go when I'm saying, I I I grab one of the cheeks, and I'm saying, I'm, just like you, want to hug I'm going to. Give you a hug boom, after that the ball get rolling we start getting into it.

All right off back took no time. It took no time. That's it. You know, I'm saying, and I'm saying, it's, all way to get me it's. Already in me, but this had me go from zero to a hundred real quick.

I felt like I went from zero to 100 real quick, boom, we're getting into it at a certain point. I lose track of time we in this, we and I'm going crazy for a little minute. You know, how hacking a little while you don't even know your phone at your phone somewhere. Yeah, yeah, you're, paying somewhere, boom, I'm like all right?

Let me check my phone real quick. I checked my phone. I ain't gonna lie to you.

Furthermore, I think it was probably like an hour.30 minutes, not pass damn that too I'm, not going to lie entire time on straight break. So after I kind of finished and was just like, I, you know, I'm saying that was, wow, that was crazy she's sitting over there. She looked at me, and she said, I hope you know, I'm not done with you yet at this point I'm tired, I've been put in work for about almost two hours I'm, not even capping. It was like. I swear, it was almost like two hours putting in work for almost two hours. She is like I hope you know, I'm not done with.You told her girl, what are you talking about? I am finished I'm.

Finished. I proceed to get my stuff put it on. Furthermore, I have to go to the bathroom. Furthermore, I come back. She whispered something in my ear, what she said, don't, really matter it doesn't really matter.

I looked at this young lady in no time that said, ding, I said, it ain't, no way. I said, ain't, no way you still ready. My soldier. My soldier was standing strong.

He was strong. He was ready to fight and I'm. Just like.

I bet you you you still in the fight I'm. Still in the fight, too I'll, go back for round. Two, go back around to going crazy. Finish off round two. I was stolen, no, you know, see that's my dog. This is my guys it's my guys, you know how that be up, and it just stays there. Sometimes like that .

You ready for what for hours it's, just like I can keep going you asked for this at this point, so I'm at that point now. And she like to dang what's wrong with you, I'm, just like look I'm just built different. You know, what I'm saying I'm just built a. Little different I'm different, yeah, I'm different I'm, different. Yeah, I'm different. So, boom, I finish off with that proceed to get my stuff together head back to the crib.

I head back to the crib had a fantastical time. No I'm saying had a fantastical time. So it's the same story that happened last time. I go home. And I go into bed.

Keep in mind. I didn't do this twice already. I didn't get this twice within some time frame that you lose track of because you know, it gets a little crazy got home laid in. The bed I was exhausted, exhausted, but guess who is a one tide once again, my soldier he was not tired that boy was still up, and I'm just like.

Okay, obviously, you know, I'm saying, I know I'll be a little excited sometimes. But I was a little overexcited I'm in a bed at this point watching TV, and I'm, , sick, and I'm, just like, whoa. So this worked it? Worked it worked?

Well, yeah. But look you already know, everybody different I'm going to, tell you all the same review as I said last time, some people. Like, oh, you got to drink a glass of water before you do it.

Oh, you got to take it 30 minutes before you do it. I usually try to take it a day before now I'm saying, so it'll be in there, it'd be in there, I'll. Take it a day before I get to doing what I'm about to do. Boom. I get no headaches. I don't have heart problems. Furthermore, I really don't feel, no different.

Nowhere else. I don't feel different nowhere else, but my soul just feel different. But yeah, nah. It is cool though it's smooth, though I say, it's worth.

A try it's worth the try if you never tried it before. Go ahead. Try I'm, not a'm.

Not a medical physician is that what they say I'm, not a medical professional. Take it at your own risk. I think it's just honey, it's, cool, though it's smooth, give it a try. And while you add it like the video comment, I know, you all got some questions and go ahead follow me because we on the road to 1k. We on the roads, 1k Casper TV to 1k let's, go, and I'll catch you all next time. Let go.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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