The Killer Bride Episode | 54 Camila Shoots Aurora After Fabio's Dead | StarTimes (May 12, 2021)

Camilla I'm begging you, please, just let me go. Then tell me who the killer groom is first I've told you everything, I know, I swear to you Camilla aurora, who is the serial killer of leis spades Camilla, please I'm begging you. I've told you everything, I know, I swear, please, just let me. Go. Come. Hello. Camilo.

Please cane lo Fabian was killed today. Fabio is dead. Now Camilla are you finally going to talk aurora?

Camilla you don't want to do this? It doesn't matter what she did. Anyway, I know you aren't a. Murderer you shouldn't do this to her, you only care about saving one life, don't you and that's your own life Camilla. I already told you, oh, Camilo, Camilla, please don't that's enough. Oh, get out of the way Vito, don't, I'm warning you now aurora. The next shot will hit your other leg Camilla. Please, stop.

This I'm, not going to stop until I hear exactly what I want to know just think about this. Please don't shoot Vito. Can't. Stop me aurora.

And the very instant he moves away from you even just an inch. Which I know he will do anyway, I will shoot you again. It was Agnes. Agnes is working for her, she's, the one I'm in contact with and was your friend. But I don't know about anything else. I digress.

His name means nothing to me any longer. I already know all about her who is the killer group who is the killer groom.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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