Stargate Atlantis - Origin Of The Replicators

Where are we going Atlantis probes of your minds uncovered the truth that Atlantis had not been destroyed by the Wraith 10,000 years ago as we had believed you only came to live there from your original home, a planet called Earth. She just dials the gates, and it's through we're, not taking you to Atlantis our intention is to destroy it. Why retribution for what the disagreement you once had the ancients, no longer lived there. We are the only inhabitants of that city. There was no disagreement doctor.We're only betrayal if you wish to know, the truth of who we are I will show you Elizabeth it's. Okay, the ancients as you call them we're desperate in their search for a better way to fight the Wraith, though greatly outnumbered.

They relied on a technological superiority to give them a needed advantage soon. They succeeded in creating one. Instead of building bigger more powerful weapons.

They chose to build smaller ones, microscopic machines designed to infiltrate and destroy from within man ID in. These tiny killing machines, the ancients imbued, an aggression it's, a past even doubt of their enemy. The technology allowed for organic, assimilation and self-replication to increase their effectiveness and replicate. They do they grew in numbers evolving at a rate that took the agents by surprise. The molecular machines began interlocking assembling themselves to form even more complex organisms eventually evolving into the most effective and efficient form. They knew off.

This is how we were born. We. Took the image of our creators, yet we were far different from them. The aggression program did work all remained fueling a rage. We could not contain. We implored them to have this violent nature removed from her programming, but the ancients wanted a weapon. And since they're, scientists included a directive prohibiting us from ever harming them.

They continued the experiment when the ancients concluded that the experiment had gone too far that we would never become the weapon. They desired to create. They decided to end it, and so they chose to destroy us to leave no trace of us behind you.

Dated : 07-Apr-2022

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