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When rock band was first announced for the PSP people were all like it'll, be watered down or what's. The point I want a mini drum kits. Well, okay, maybe only medium Mike wanted a mini drum kit. But whatever the point is that a lot of folks were worried over what kind of game this would be. And of course, things only got worse when people find out at a single player only I mean, this is the whole rock band thing right? So as rock band unplug, a cheap franchise cash in or well-thought-out PSP port. Well, you.

Clicked on the video friend, so I'm going to tell you all about it. If there's one thing about this game it's that the presentation wasn't harassed at all, this does feel like a rock band game. Now some people may feel like this is too much like rock band to you, but I really don't see it as a completely bad thing. Sure the city tour progressions and promoters might look familiar to rock band 2 fans, but I mean, it's, still pretty impressive. It might disappoint rock band aficionados.

But this franchise. Has never been on the PSP before. So the fact that they squeezed all this stuff in is pretty awesome. Because the game is just single player. I personally had a better sense of ownership over the band and the console version.

I make my character and never touch him again, I just wanted to hurry up and play with my friends. You know, since you have to be every member of the band it's, actually a much more personal experience, I actually enjoyed tweaking how everyone looks it's also cool. The integrated. Music store that'll, let you download songs, of course, we couldn't actually check out the store since it doesn't. Go live till the game launches. But you know, they've already had a pretty proven track record on how this thing works.

I do find it a little dumb that the songs are the exact same price is the console version, I don't, mind paying for it, but it's I'm, not getting anything out of the return. You know, it would be nice if I didn't have to rebuy the songs already had on my PS3, or at least. These songs worked with my PS3 I mean, how many times can I buy Wonder wall graphically the environments and characters look in, but I, find it a bit disappointing that band members are just randomly hitting drums and strumming their guitars over on the PS3. The stuff was depending on what you did here, that's, not the case being a music game. The Sun quality is nearly perfect. I mean, who knew that I'd love a BC by Jackson 5 so much. And I think the track list is salad, although it's a bit disappointing.

That only nine of these tracks have never been in a rock band game before gameplay-wise unplugged is awesome. We've covered this before in a video preview. But the game is basically like frequency or amplitude using the left up triangle. Circle buttons, you play phrases of a particular instrument guitar, bass drums or vocals. And then hop to the next instrument track via big shoulder buttons. If you flow part of a phrase, the notes keep coming in to nail it.

This means that you're going to be ignoring. Other tracks and getting closer to family I, really dig how the instrument you're playing becomes louder than the other tracks. And it feels great when you get everything going in one smooth song.

This is not like the console versions where you do your thing and then have to wait for another interesting bit to come along jumping around instruments is more frantic into very rewarding when I play rock band at home, I'm, strictly a singer, a bass player. But here I can't play the drums in the guitar and. When everything's going man, I feel like a badass for those who want to challenge outside the traditional world tour, there's also a survival mode, where all the tracks are going at the same time. Your job is to jump from track to track make sure none of these things fail out, even though there are notes on every one of them, basically, it's like being that dude who puts plates on the pole spins 10 spins. Another comes back keeps.

One spinning it's a lot of fun, although I wish there were more exclusives. The track listing is solid there's, 41 songs, and it's, a mix of popular tracks. You've seen in rock band games before.

So you probably won't be disappointed rock. Band. Unplugged is a solid offering for the PSP it's. Fun. It's got some good features, and it's rock band.

The big question here is how long you're going to play this game without multiplayer at a great time when locking everything, but I don't think that downloading song, keep me coming back to unplug, like it did with the other rock bands. I mean, Before I'd be downloading songs to play with my friends. But here I'm just downloading songs to go into survival.

Mode. Doesn't have the same effect for me. So this game is well worth playing, and I mean, you can take your band on the road, which is awesome. And plus you don't have all those plastic guitars to clutter up your car right for the full written review had died. Jane Doe.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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