Qual O Número De Mols De Gás Nitrogênio, N2, Que Ocupa O Volume De 120 Litros Nas CNTP ?

Hello everyone, all the best with you, This is Professor Gabriel died from the study main channel and let's start here with the resolution of another chemistry exercise. But first don't, forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. And like this one video in case, you like our content What is the number of moles of hydrogen gas with the gas n2 that occupies the volume of 120 liters in the CNTP, which are the normal conditions of temperature and pressure. The molar volume is 22.4 liters formaldehyde. This roll at home.

It is the volume that we have for each mole in the CNTP Ok, What do you mean, teacher, the following is the normal conditions of temperature and pressure, always independent of the gas you have working, and you will have a volume of 22.4 liters I'll, put it here o 22, even with 22.4 liters of any gas until what I'm going to put 22.4 l of n2 for a MOL of n2, ok, that's, what it's always and for professionals to coffee the carbon dioxide, knits 22.4 liters of dioxide of CO2 carbon to a. Co2 bucket in the c NTP that you can say that you will always have this volume to 1, or it's just nascent. Then the question gave me 120 liters it's, giving me a volume greater than 22.4 liters, 120 liters of nitrogen. And she wants to know what the number will be of moles that we are going to have nitrogen from hydrogen gas, good to figure this out by doing a little rule of three here.

We have two columns in the first column, I have Volume 10 volume, low volume here in the second column, We have our. Amount of matter right, the measure in Ball will take the X and multiply by 22.41, which will give 22.4 there is this, and this will be equal to 120 x 1, which will give 120 or 22.4, which is multiplying by the X It will pass dividing on the other side of the equation. And then you will leave the x isolated to find out How.

Much is box is going to be equal to 22.4 and 2.4, divided Oops, I traveled. Here, wait a minute. And the pen is giving a little error here at lunch, try to correct this here. Look just. Pay here the 22.4 he's passing dive saying who goes on top in the division is 120 So.

We will have here 120 divided by 22.4. The result of this division, which is the value of our x will be equal to 5.36, plus the crumbs are 5.36 MOL of n2. This is the number of moles that we will have of nitrogen gas in that. 120 liters is a question passed on to us beauty. So that's, if we're done. Here is the resolution of a quick exercise I. Hope you enjoyed this video lesson Hope, you like it have understood the step-.

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Dated : 09-May-2022

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