Narcissism Fragile Ego Repair

My head 6 o'clock in the morning I just had that real strange dream. Um I was about counseling. And you know, you go into counseling. And the counselor is always telling you to make much a statements. You know, stop saying you you you. And you know, and I realize that you know every time an statement is made and opportunities created for an attack on the ego.

So you know, if I say, I like this, you know, then that's easily, you know, can be trained change into an ad hominem attack. And you know, like. I said, it's, six o'clock in the morning.

So I'm, not sure if I'm going to like get all these things out. But you know, you know, I think he'll sometimes don't realize that you know that you know, these couples that are fighting or not even fighting over a thing. One couple is actually, you know trying to press as far as they can to destroy the other person's confidence. And you know to do that, you know, they really need to attack the ego.

So every time, you know, the counselor says, oh, make eye statements, make. Eye statements, all the counselors doing this is training the like in a normal world with two normal people. You know to people, you know, expressing their own needs, you know, and it worked to people expressing their own needs works.

Great. If the other party is willing to assist, but when one person is so fragile and so under confident in themselves, and you know, doesn't trust themselves, let alone anyone else. You know that they start trying to break down anyone around who is in any way, confident. Because it threatens their you's threatening their humanity being around someone who's reasonable literally threatens.

There is the there it actually threatens their confidence, their self, their belief in themselves. So when they have to attack, you know, it's usually had ad hominem. They have to attack the ego, not the situation because a stable person can push through any situation, just with their confidence, I believe.

But in order to have that confidence, you have to line yourself with the I. Am. And that's one thing in the Bible Moses comes in and he, and he goes to the burning bush and Jesus says, I am that I am like the base of everything of consciousness before humans have a chance to screw it up. I.

Remember, there was this class that I went to. And the first thing that they said, first thing they had everybody the whole class say it and like over and over like maybe like five or ten times. So that you know, you definitely knew like this was your position when you weren't. Coming to this class, just to learn things you were coming to this class to change who you were. And it was a am the field sanitation officer. We had to say it like ten times like for that position, very confident, very sure everybody in the class knows if anybody asks that's who we are, we are the field sanitation officers.

And if anybody you know, doesn't know what they're doing. We went to the class. We have the information, we know it, so it's, the IM.

And if we don't like, if we don't know it if we. Don't know who we are, if we don't know, yeah, I. Am then you know, we're, the ones that are required to go and find out, you know, because we're, the ones responsible for the information and some of us it's in trouble. No, they don't get in trouble because they're, not the didn't go to the class.

They didn't become the IMS of this situation, and you know, they're, not the ones that are responsible for the failure. We, however, if they screw up, and we don't catch it, and we're responsible for that failure. So. The great I am is the pureness of confidence.

So Moses at the burning bush, saying, hey, you know, I got a speech in You Know Who am I going to say that sent me. And you know, God says, God says, tell him I am saying you. So you know, what is Moses go in and do I mean? You know, they're, they start trying to break down his confidence.

He comes in he's like I'm here on behalf of the purest, the greatest I am of ever like I. Am here because of the am. And you know, he's aligned in himself, knowing who he is. Knowing what he's there for knowing what he expects the outcome to be and no matter what you know, he's, not gonna sway from that because he's the guy because he's aligned because Moses is he is aligned with the am. And you know when you're not aligned with the am. And you start expressing things like I want a new car.

I want peace in my house, I mean, you know, this just anything with I want all of a sudden becomes an opening and an opportunity for somebody to disparage, not you. But what you. Want because the want becomes an extension of you. So if is I want a BMW and other people hate BMWs, they don't have to disparage me. They can disparage BMWs and it's.

As if they were actually disparaging me. Now some people who don't like BMWs aren't going to understand that they're going to say, hey, that's crazy. But you know anything that you do like, could you know consider that like if somebody starts disparaging, if it's as if they're disparaging me you, and so I, don't know, this is like eight minutes of. An talking straight through and that's, all I got.

Dated : 03-Apr-2022

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