Mom REACTS To Top Vines Of Meechonmars (w/Titles) Best Meechonmars Vine Compilation

One your friendship with my bacon unit, I have my mother today, great the top pounds of meat on Mars know, this dope island brother, well, you know you've seen something you see someone they wear him versus brother. Yeah, I was always funnier. But what if you ever start minute you all follow me or something both my Instagram, if we posted a lot more Instagram that I post, a lot more instantly like I can say everything in my life because, when I was younger for the ones who don't know me I was no angle Instagram. Family's a mango same cap, yeah, mom know that swivel, oh, this girl favors when I was younger, and I like worth feet.

1450. Yeah. Yeah. I just thought, you know, Mr. Nehru like that I, just let my count dying post life a whole year. So I mean, active on Instagram bro, see I, go like coming man.

I. Take my Dino's. Why didn't got a new phone for the ones who know I got a new phone? So I could check my Dino's now bugging in little finger string to these video, free I'm, living mouth, where's, the bathroom wrapped, well, I.

Thought, I'm, always careful, just they do weird the route, oh I'm, telling you all I can be sitting in my room. I could be fine honest, I'm. Bleep, bro, oh, my god bro. Life is so hard like I was talking to my daddy say it, right. The weirdo just hit you like to don't, not to be wronged you. Sometimes you just like bro, what's up, rapper, ray whew, I'm going to, just peel myself I was up studying for the test for like five hours.

Well, I haven't been asleep, yet that's, how much I was studying we have to test what are you doing? So. You're just laying down, , , you don't even blink. Why is she doing that doing what look at her over there? Breathing issues? How old are you I just started -, oh, my god, you're, such a baby.

How are you 90 this is a massaging motion, Instagram, , advisers be deleted. Come on. We have to go we're, almost there.

No, no. Not now come on. You have to get up. You got it young man did not tell you to clean this room up, yeah, put it that way to do my ass you better, leave it half of the hell?

Did you? Get an F in sex. Ed I don't, even know how to put a condom on mama I know what you guys to look at me any differently?

Sorry, you don't have to worry we're. Still going to love you, even if you'm voting for Donald Trump, the funk of miles here you go. This is mini-me just ice I'm. Sorry.

Let me see that all better. Yeah, I'm candy and water. Back there. Ah, suck. Your dick, if you need anything else, let me know and in five-page essays due by the end of the week, who are you talking to , why? Why are you. Crying I, can't, make any more school buds.

What I'm going to do I'm elected I would make middle school grade again. What do you plan on doing back that I've got a big one all the Mexicans out? Maybe this is a middle school. You are not going to believe what Jessica do. Let me grab your best stuff.

Sorry. But the crank machine is currently down all right, not for cleaning. What did he are like? And we back, hey, leave it. No. He did not enemy.

I'll, wait, oh my god. Thank you hyper lie to you that's. What I was saying I. Fellini take me to your leader. This is him, oh I'm. So sorry, I'm, sorry, but I'm. Scared of you I have a nice one, Barbara, I'm, a Mr. Berg, all righty, bruh, I, ain't, never on. Forget zebra Detroit, Ram, Barbara.

It you doing its, a . We have vine dad for like what three years the ticktock, juicy, yeah, you're, not due for TikTok goodnight again, maybe somebody will make some similar to do like Rita, but took that me it's taking over bro it's, pretty easy to be friends with to time my book, oh yeah, I should. Follow my teeth that go, it ain't gone to you, oh, do something productive for once get off your ass. All you do is you sit there all goddamn, hi welcome to my nose, I'm, a hooker be ordered today.

I do want something to drink. You want some pink annual survey just let me get a Jeep all right just give me $10. So you got money for drug to turn out money for college.

We got a moist, . This is a voting ballot. Okay? Alright. Yeah.

That's going to be $15. , I left my money at home only got a card. We should. I'll, take credit cards -, oh, my god. Alright. So I'm just gonna head to the store for a minute.

Promise you'll, come back, I, promise and I always keep my word. Why do you lie? Why I have a few questions to see if you're the type of employee move up higher? Okay? Are you a virgin? What are you going to do me?

I got noodles, ma'am, wait I'm, not please, no slapping it. So I'm done stating. All of this , you're opposed to get like two to three inches tomorrow. Oh, that's, not much I. Get you to three inches last night. You said, it was a lot I mean, damn Daniel back at it again with the selling grades.

So you telling girls will you dance like Jesus at the Last Supper I said, no such thing. Okay, flash you should go in Chapter, five of Frankenstein. You just assign this book.

Why did he recover paint? It? Come on like ass? Are you serious? Yes, they making you end up in the download home. You have to walk around the block I'm, not walking. Did you see any video on Facebook is so funny?

No I show me, yeah, what's. The difference. What's so funny you, let me see the video like, yeah, yeah. I see I'm saying, something different I don't, even actually know more than you. Did you show a good as I've ever seen though I mean, well, , I'm, a Gemini I understand completely I'm?

Going to do the presentation Jason? You did a research Madison. You do audio, but me what's. My job. All you have to do is just stay out. The way. So we don't fairly got any sleep.

Last night, all those bad . You got kept. You up knows my anxiety and depression, , what okay guys to start off do not go.

We should do let you go. B. Man, I need a police officer here like well, I'm saying aids, be a problem because. You used to be on the phone. You know what you're talking about? What are you saying, no, you know what?

Hell? Are you yelling? If I'm.

Sorry, may I haven't police officers here when you think I'm, sorry to bother, you Marcus here, punk-ass, name, each the punk-ass . Part assignment, you see these always leaving crumbs on the run. This wire follows that cutoff. Know, our owns that cut off his Union, pay, Toby, yeah, you right.

I. Didn't have a baby my thrill. He was locked in I. Think my friend is trying to poison you, please help how many times I got to tell you it's, , seasoning. So what are you going to do after high school graduate first? What she does?

Oh, you've been with another . You see, yeah, but I know this or think of my name is on the bottom. Okay? Okay. We depend together a separate together.

There's, a there's, a ghost in the house, for. The last time I have a name. My name is Clarence.

Why you in here being a good kid do something bad, so I can yell at you, I had a package for Mr. Mitch, but I see you're, not home I'm right here. What you are dressed up, , where you're going I'll, take your selfies. Damn. You going to do my homework later on hmm, Beech never did do his homework ever I swear to god. I'm going to play my mixtape, please, please anything. But that please remind them it's me. You know, I was in a past life goes mean.

Go I'm. Not I did. Girls stop playing so how's, life, baby, but you now, you know, I cannot respond with that in my mouth. I'm going to be so productive today. I'm going to do my whole work. And then the same I know, you're going to lay down and all your responsibilities.

Okay? Okay. Meat. That's. It. Yeah. Can you believe I made it I'm getting too heavy?

You must have a 3.5 GPA or higher I did not make it I. Didn't know why can I get for you? Let me get a popcorn all right? One, popcorn. Lb, $3,000, all right, whoa. .

What I think I'm. Just going to the swimming pool in there, oh yeah, maybe your son call me, you know, I'm only 16, maybe you are 37. Dad.

In fact, my teacher told me an eraser can erase any mistake. Let me see that eraser real quick, sighs, I, just bought this Haley from H&M. And this is so comfortable I used to be comfortable than my dad. Dad, yeah, Santa Claus. What do I need to raise my grades in school?

Let me see your grades there you go. Oh, you got go in there and tell her what you don't do what I'm going to do now go do.If I'm going to do it mom can I go. My friend here's, my book report. Oh, thank you. This is two years lady.

Yeah, I was sick. The day you assigned it for two years. And then you can go in today you're trying to go out, oh, you just don't read my text enough.

Oh, my god is a baby. Boy, yeah, like a baby I got the receipt. All right? You could pick someone else to read I, pick meat, I, hate you. Oh, my breath you'd be mad. Are you to be mad something having that hombre off Murray breath? They like Nashua.

Burn up their own people, mover Hey, No, ain't, nothing worse than the teachers saying, do I have any volunteers three and people raising their hand itself. I did I was a baby. Why don't you read chapter such a search all right? Bro?

You want to read I'm saying, they're, like I know what to do. She waits take your time. I, just finish my to tell about Henry I'm, not Henry younger than and then, and then it should be like, can you pronounce my eyes? And now I am it's hard for me to pronounce the words mean, you find. Somebody else three real quick.

And there hasn't my Desiree there nothing a seal of God, only no father seemed to like someone teaching a little Sheen. They were calling me to read I've been readable. So nice to volunteer does. Yeah, if you want me to read them, big dumb long, paragraph so give me some dislikes rip for lance I run a play. Your dad can't find the plate, even I said, click, hey, Dad. What you supposed to be for Halloween, what a 9:00 dressed up from your side, I love, your costume, dad, what hey, baby, I was worried, oh, it was fun. Why you got attitude?

Anybody? I know goddamn , attitude, for about the Fiat 500c, three away. I mean, you have left five if you got five apples, and you get anymore. Yeah, well, I.

Appreciate. What does this thing? I, don't know, you, oh, , see I thought I was to have a happy day at school. But then you walked in what did she do? Its go exist.

Why would you do that if there's no dancing? Yes, your son just blew up the school , I thought, piece of paper. Okay?.

Good, you know, I've been doing a little practicing, but if it's not raining which way to use water, I stayed up so far I. Am I doing this . You going to collect a mom whose work Sheldon ever since I gave birth to you. My vagina has not been the same bag.

So I can check it. Oh I, got it Snickers I like drugs. Keep those to me. , get you all Oh today's labs.

We're going to learn about all the great leaders, George, Washington, Thomas Jefferson. What about him? Okay, you're gonna wait till black history. Tommy. Breene same plans. What do you think the text is saying I, personally be asked you what you think the up there's?

Nowhere I can raise my grade for the cardboard hands, . No, your grades is like in Halo that's, how low you? Okay, great all this whole word. All these tests ain't, nobody tells you to give us on the network. We got a sub why the are you here? What are you doing? Is she blowing your food when it's - I'm breathing on my own the warm it up?

All right? Does anyone want to read me? What. About to leech up move the toilet I might even plan. Canada you're going to have to ground you did you take drugs, and you don't Brown him, fish, come on I. Miss dancing. Can you curb my grade 20, plus for the final , you got an F on the final please?

Okay, is there a problem? No I'm going to pray? Yeah, that's.

What I thought speak up I couldn't, hear you . My girlfriend cheated on me, how'd that make you feel not good ideas. Santa. Oh, you made these cookies. Yes, they're.

. Horrible can I hide. The dead body in your garage, . No, also, you can't help me maybe I want time to use coughing, I enjoy you all back. Hmm.

Can I borrow your lawn mower, even if that me IPA dirty I'm at you again, hey, FAM time, Barney I'm, trying to stay out of drama? Focus on school be a better cancel that call second taken aback. Oh, hello. Text me take me outside it's called a . Here, , put a deckhand on be safe. Okay, sighs before you left. Estes.

Anyone has any questions? No, what no I'm good. To ass got a cold now. Don't you bro, yes, what are you going to guess? You know what ?

You . Furthermore, you bro new year, new meat, where you sashay every year, you all never know what is gonna monarchy all right? I need to go to the clubs. Not you try to come on one second. Let me ax go to the club tonight . Now is there a shoebox in refrigerator? I can't find it?

Would you look? Good? , my happiness, he'll seriously, I'd, buy hot sauce in my husband in my news, lose weight, .

What the was that ayah. What you want? Yeah, I.

Don't remember order I had a tooth. So why am I receiving today? Sorry, I'm late that's, Macy's, p.m., that's in today. Our brothers are like have a like two seconds, love might literally love to take a look man. But other than note to do it is raining outside right? Yeah. Bob looking here.

Please light comes sky trying to post. On the case you follow me shot. A bow fight, here's, Kelly, I said, she would be very, very soon brother. Pandemic is still going around. Yeah, I act like it doesn't exist. And we not heal me.

But other than Ant-Man we're out of here,

Dated : 09-May-2022

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