GTA Online: How To Become A CEO! (GTA 5 Finance And Felony DLC)

How's it going guys, this is twister and today, I'm back with another video on the GTA, online finance and felony DLC. And this one I'm actually going to be showing you guys how you can become a CEO set up your own business as well as some features available to you basically just to get you started in the new DLC becoming a CEO with your own business. Basically, the first thing to get you started you'll need to buy your own office. Now, currently there are four offices available ranging in price. From, I think is 1.1 million is to 4 million, which is the maze bank tower.

Now the one I bought is the 2.25 million office the already center from what I can tell there is completely no difference between these offices, only the locations of them. So what you really could just do is buy the cheapest option you're, not really at any disadvantage whatsoever. So once you actually buy your Jerez office, you've got a few options available to you. You get your own assistant. You can customize your organization.

Name I actually chose to call mine monkey business, basically, I've been playing overwatch recently and there's a character in that game, who's a big old 8, not that that has anything to do with GTA, but I just thought it fit pretty well. So I went with monkey business. And then after you've decided your organization name, you can opt for a gun locker, which will actually allow you to customize some loadout and the weapons that you see in your weapon wheel. You can also have a safe within the office.

And some accommodation as well, not only to sure what the safe and the accommodation features actually do I'm, not sure how practical they are, but I bought them anyway. So now that you've actually bought your high-rise office, you've paid for it. You've self your own organization and on this business within this high-rise office.

What can you actually do now? So as far as I'm aware at this point after just buying your office, you've basically just become a permanent VIP. So now to actually take advantage. Of some extra CEO and business features, you need to actually go into your office go into the computer logon. You can actually have a look around your high-rise office. You can see the gun locker.

Furthermore, you can actually hide the weapons in your weapon wheel. Furthermore, you can check out you safe. But what you actually want to do to take advantage of the proper CEO features is go on to the computer and buy yourself a warehouse. And this is where things start to get a little complex.

This definitely isn't. Simple so I do want to cover it in more detail as I play it more and understand it more and progress through the actual gameplay of becoming a CEO. But right now you do want to access this computer and take a look at all the warehouses. So around the city, there are a ton of different warehouse.

Options, I think, there's around 20 or so. And these range hugely in price, you've got what are called small warehouses that a couple of hundred K. And you've got medium warehouses that around the 1 million mark and. You've got large warehouses that are upwards and between two and three million. So they get expensive the large warehouses, get expensive. And basically the difference between them is obviously the larger and more expensive.

The warehouse is the more stock. It can hold when it comes to buying these illegal drugs and illegal items that you can then sell on for more money. That is essentially what the basics of it is. You buy these warehouses.

And then you buy cargo and stock for the warehouses that you. Have to go and do missions for, and then you bring all different types of cargo back to your warehouses and wouldn't. You start collecting a load of stock that's been stored in your warehouses.

You can actually go on to sell those stock at a higher price and that's kind of where the profit comes in that's, how you make your money from it doing the CEO activities again, it is quite complex to try and understand it out first, but I do plan on covering it more in depth in future videos to give you guys a. Better idea and give you guys some tips and more information as I understand it more myself, but yes, so far why I can tell is that is the basics of the CEO stuff. Now, in addition to all the new CEO game-playing features, you do still have the original VIP features as a CEO. So being a CEO is just being a VIP, but with some more features with your warehouse in your hair eyes office and all that stuff. So you can still do VIP modes, such as piracy prevention executive search hostile takeover sites here. As well as three more VIP missions, which I also plan on covering in some more videos to show you guys, the new VIP missions as well as all the CEO stuff.

So that's all planned in future videos to come to this channel. So we're, yeah, that is pretty much it for this video. Hopefully you guys have enjoyed it hopefully guys now understand a little more about the about becoming a CEO and starting up your own organization, including the high-rise offices and all the warehouses as well. So yeah, hopefully.

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Dated : 09-May-2022

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