GTA 3 (Android) PS2 Graphics Mod

What's up YouTube in this video I'm going to show you how to apply, um, PS2 graphics to uh gt3 for android. So go on the internet right on his website, I'll, leave the link in the description box here are your authors right here. Um, the first two, you know, I'm not saying this first name, you got them that hacking play and dazzler by the first person VT. So, thank you guys for creating this. Um, this mod.

I've already wanted to see PS2 graphics on, uh, android 4g for GTA series. So you see. Guys here's some photos and guys the language in the download file is in Russian, but I'll show you, uh, you see that this modification will carry the chips from the PS3 version of this game. If you say game change all cars, yeah, there we go see. Now, let me show you the file you just gotta open up. The file manager. Okay, here 's's the file right here.

Guys. Okay, when you open it right? And you like, I said before, it's in its in Russian, but let me just show you're going to need this APK file. Right so let me do a couple steps number one make sure you go to your android. Oh,, sorry. Wrong. One, go to android, uh, Cobb and make sure you rename, the gt3 because you're going to have to delete you're going to have to delete it.

Okay, after that just delete your dj3 game. Okay, after that go back into, uh file manager and just rename GTA 3 to its original done. Okay, after that go back to downloads back to the file and install this one right here. This is the um PS2, APK, 1.8 version, 1.8. Okay.

So, um, install that. Okay, right I'm going to show you this right here, the mod APK, right here, right? I'm, not going to touch that though, um, these files right here. You don't need these files, guys.

Okay. I'm going to show you. Oops.

Sorry. Hold on stop. Oh, my gosh, see those that can create not that not that crazy hold on. Let me copy all this copy. Let's. See guys, not that going crazy.

Okay? And then you just translate see it's rushing to English, because this is Russian pace done seeing this scene. I showed you right here.

If. Your video accelerator is not arena. Then you will have to install this to skins yourself. So guys, uh, I've attended the galaxy. S81, plus. And you know, I mean, I am in the United States and this phone has arena.

So which means I don't have to install these, uh manually. I think as you can see, it says, um, melee, Terra. And you know, and that one's supposed to be, um power, VR. I think that's what's supposed to be. He says, over VR, but you know what? Anyway, you have adrenal guys you don't need this, um, you'll.

Need the skins you just follow everything else I did. Okay. And then after that, all you got to do is just take this file here copy it and go to, um android data. Anyway, it's going to ask you about this, and then you know you merge it and then that's, it is yup say, guys, guys, there's, also a PS2 graphics, mod for vice city where it brings the PS2 graphics, monster vice video android as well guys.

But um, I've been having a little issue with that mod, but I'll make that video. Once I get everything, you know, Straightened out anyway, guys, that's, really it. So now we can get to the game. And when we get to the game, guys, I'm gonna you're going to see the opening all that see guys you guys, we're back and see that's. What I'm going to show you right here inside looks I'm trying to walk through every step okay, guys, you know, I always turn the sound off. So you can hear me again for display, um, but let's say, resolution. Let me start the brightness you can learn.

You can leave it at 50, because you don't want it too. Bright, you know, uh frame number off. So you get that smooth experience, uh, you need your resolution. You don't need a good draw distance.

Okay. I would start the game I'll let the intro play guys just so you can see it. I usually don't show the intro guys. But I guess I forgot to show up because all right nobody's getting some of this. I see you guys see how it looks, so it's like the PS2 graphics, guys, perfect, perfect mod. You know, what I'm saying really get mine, see the color and everything. Everything looking all different guys, let's drive around a little just so we can get to the place.

Oh, that reminds me hold on. Yeah, got that great color and everything it's cool. It did take away my other clone. Scripts though see guys it does bring like the PS2 graphics mod to it. I feel like to drive around a little, but that's cool guys.

But I really want to see if Sandra is like that I'm just driving by the destination. That's all, you know, just driving to destination. Um, you see a little. Little flickering, guys, it's a little graphical a little issue. But nonetheless, you know what I said it looks. It looks good.

You know what I'm saying it looks real. The model looks perfect. So thank you to the fodder.

This video is a little longer than you know than usual. But guys, I want you to see everything. I think to the modern.

I hope you all enjoyed this, uh, PS2, graphics, mod, you know, I'm saying for android and um other than that. Deuces.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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