Gibraltar Cajon Pedal - Setup Video

Hi I'm, killing Gibraltar we're here to show you that your soldiers come on pedal the brand-new things it's, really up for Gibraltar it's, a lot of fun. Yeah. This pedal allows you to play a Canon kind of like a standard bass drum.

So it's a really different thing. And a lot of fun to try out check it out all right we're looking at the Gibraltar Canon pedal. This pedal is made up of three basic components, the pedal itself, which has the primary plane part, the slave pedal that plays onto the Canon. We. Have the Canon beater, which is a self-aligning beater finds its own flat spot, and it could home mount. So those are the three parts you'll get in the Canon pedal box.

Alright, so the first step is mounting the canon mount to the go home. We have an LP cone here. And this is really simple it's, just a c-clamp basically attaches to the front of the cone. You put it down on the side and just tighten up like a c-clamp, wood and what's nice about this is it allows you to move this mount anywhere on the front. Face of the comb to get any kind of the set so that's, our first step let's tighten that up.

And now what we have is a place to mount our pedal all right. So the next step is we're going to put the actual pedal drive pedal on to the Canon. So if you just tilt back you'll see that we have a little lip here, that's your pedal straight to this tighten it down, just like you would on a normal bass drum. There you have if it's all matted up, put your pedal in a plane position, right? There is sure that's. Comfortable and now we put our beater on beater just goes right into the beater hub where you can do is you can experiment around to find the best sound for the Canon generally about 3/4 way, up sounds pretty good, and we're all set now that we have the canon pedal mounted to the Canon let's go through the adjustments that you have available to you.

This is a strap pedal, and it has spring, just like your normal bass drum pedal on the primary side. You also have adjustment up here that allows you to. Adjust the pedal board height, independently of the beater. And on this side of the pedal, you also have a spring adjustment, what's, nice about that is you can have tension on both sides to where that cable stays tight. This adjustment here also allows you to adjust the beater and where the throw of the beater is, and I recommend it being pretty flat straight down to where it doesn't have to travel that far to the canon on the other side.

You have these levers that also have an adjustment on it. They. Keep that cable taut to see right here. This is at an angle facing towards the Canon and on the other pedal over here, it's also at an angle. If you pull these back, just to make sure you have no delay or no looseness in the cable after you do that you're pretty much ready a set to go.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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