FMA Edward Elric The FullMetal Alchemist By Square Enix Play Arts Figure

God, it's, the review of an Airsick of how UMI he looked really awesome, lots of detail, lots of poseability. And this let's see a person at time. You can see he's smaller than Batman because Bam has a pointy year, and he's like body's, taller legs work. But you can tell like I got the powerhouse taller me, but he's put eat all wore this kind of figures. Anyway, his accessories or another word hand, what I laugh and someone extra hands. He come with two other arms, and he might come with another way, but.

On come with two black ones when he enters kind of black suit off for you can see Bragg's. Alright, these are two to say, they're, not like to look. But what these are two hands run together, it's easy to pop it off. It just put it off. And you can put the hand on lights like it's easy to pop off as well. My practice, yeah, I said, he likes to do that like you could just him on the flame up what something which induces alchemy powder or something like that like he maybe do I saw the cartoon self. That's.I and his that sees articulation we should we six equators on the head see on can go out not that much.

But because this it blocks, if it's, okay, because none leave that much, at least you shouldn't do it like this out that one can do love opposed with my could put some probability that Breanna box go out then at the elbow, which it's degrees around on with don't have much about that don't have in it with you. Let go out it doesn't, really it goes back in because this, but who does really care you. Can actually put it out if you do it like that, and it's like the wall, he could like to do that, but he'll block, but you can see you can do lots of process stuff with it. This counter. They like to leave the ankle can go up and down go like that's, really cool.

And you can see it's like Sarah. You do lots of pose hit on say he got up on the out, but I don't know if when I ever do a review of it or not I think about it. You got this thing you can take off, but why would you want to take it off that. Can put up the armor it's, a removable, but there's, nobody pilots. The only way if you want to take it off, if you don't want to have this cool bit, so wall had one the c2 piece of holes on it because that's, the only thing you're going to see, and you take that off a little of detail over it, but he can do lots of poses there's, a really cool code with this hand, I just need to pull up on. And he could do this, and it's kind of cool. I think, it's, really cool, actually, Oh it's like two people rocks I think.

That and the other enemy, forced out is something cool you do and mostly that could be the end of video subscribe, please. Watch my other video and see you next time.

Dated : 03-Apr-2022

Category : Fullmetal

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