Fix For RGB Fusion 2.0 Is The Worst! - Future Of Motherboard RGB Software

All right I'm done that's. If I've, given it a ton of time, I've tried to wait and have as much opportunity to see improvement come as possible, but I just I can't, wait any more gigabyte RGB fusion. 2.0 is a wreck of a software suite, and it's just a failure and gigabyte really needs to do something to fix it. But I can help you get it fixed, and you're, not going to like what you're going to have to do in my second video, where I covered RGB fusion. 2.0 I saw some improvements saw some problems. But overall.

Thought, hey, there is some hope that this is heading in the right direction. Well comes it today, and I had to work on a memory review that from Gail and Gail doesn't have any software, so I have to use Odessa software to control the lighting on the RAM stick. So I wanted to show up different colors and I get the RAM sticks in I get to test it out. It works. One time. I, get ready to start doing recording RGB fusion.

2.0 will not load won't work at all and guys I. Basically finally figured out how to fix.If Is had to do a full reformat of my computer and just do a complete fresh install and I don't understand why now I'm going to explain I think what's happening. They don't know how to fix it. So if any of you guys kind of pickup on what I'm putting down here, and you're, like, hey, I think I know, a fix. Let us know in the comments below because I'd be hugely helpful. But basically what I found out is I, don't know what it is. But after so many updates of either the software or Windows itself it's like, or if.

You're changing hardware, you don't have a fresh install it's like the RGB fusion. Just it quits working. And it doesn't know how to read the hardware that's that's installed in the system, and it's a royal pain in the butt and I don't understand why it's so complicated because here's, what I found I ended up installing a NVMe drive into my test bench and installing a fresh copy on that, which means that I could easily switch back to my crucial MX, 500 SSD. And just do some comparison. I. Finally, Realized what would happen is when I started when it finally just broke, and I couldn't, fix it.

In matter, how many times I uninstalled and reinstalled, if I use CCleaner to clean the registries in between tried all kinds of tech deleted. The gigabyte folders to try to just rear ace any trace of it. Nothing wouldn't work. I went in to my system.

I would start it up, and it would be like it would try to start, and then it would close. And then like every few seconds I saw some people on four I'm, saying, like. Every hour yeah, mine's was like every few seconds. It would be trying to pop up and then shut it down pop up and shutting down. So once I got it installed in the other and my fresh install my NVMe drive, it was working fine I noticed. Something if you go into the notification properties, you can look pull up a list of all the applications that should be allowed to show in the task. No defect ask for notification area.

And when you turn them on and off it, doesn't mean that they disappear entirely it. Just means if you turn it on, it shows all the time in the taskbar, where if you turn it off it'll remain hidden, unless you click that little up arrow to show it RGB fusion showed up in that list of the properties as well as in my taskbar when it was working right. But when I go back to my old install my old and saw on my SSD I cannot get RGB fusion to show up in the taskbar notification area at all. It just doesn't happen anymore. I, don't know why that's happening, but I think that's. The problem guys. I think whatever is breaking when that icon can't show up in the taskbar, the software just kills itself and tries to restart putting it in an endless loop.

Now right, that's still really dumb, because that means you can never start the software, and you can't get your RGB lighting on your motherboard to work the way that you - so yeah, I mean, I guess on one hand, good news, right, I found a workaround. And for me, that's, not like a huge deal. My test bench doesn't have important software, I also have gig. Fiber in my house, so if I have to redownload games, reinstall crap, it's, not a big deal to me. But for a lot of you out there that sucks like that is just flat-out uncalled-for, so I hate to rip on this company because I really love their boards, I love their design. But this software, I mean, as a test bench reviewer guy, if I can't find workarounds just to get it to work.

So I don't have to do a complete reformat of my system. They're doing something really screwed up unless I'm missing something. Stupidly obvious, but I don't think. So because I've put a poll on my channel. And everyone was like, yeah, pretty much Asus wins out on the best software, not that they're perfect, but best in comparison. And you can go across the internet and find complaint complaint complaint that this RGB fusion. 2.0 isn't, working so guys I'm calling gigabyte out on it.

They've got to do something about this because otherwise even I'm going to be at a point where if I get slammed into a review situation, where I can't get. Something to work because they're, bored, I'm going to quit using their boards, and I'm going to switch to Asus, because it looks like I have my best chance of getting software to work properly there. So guys, I hope. The reformatted information is helpful, I mean, you know, that's, great, you can get to work if you just do a clean wipe of your OS, but other than that, I hope that maybe we can get some more attention on this. Possibly gigabyte can put some serious software developers on this or even better. Yet.

When is. A motherboard manufacturer going to work with other RGB software, alright, so, for instance, I just got done. What did it view? Sonic has a bunch of elite gaming monitors. And they are going to work coincide with other software's from like thermal takes RGB control, Racer synapse. And or I think it's I don't, remember the name, but UV, how greater has theirs DOG software? And then even Cooler master, they have an RGB software control, even things like Corsair, their software, setup, NEXT, z' cam.

If this motherboard. Manufacturers could start working with those software companies and say, all right, we're going to let your software control our motherboard lighting that would solve all the problems I don't. Then we wouldn't. We also wit need more software to control more lighting. Because the other thing is software's tend to conflict.

So I want to see these motherboard manufacturers start finding a way to get their motherboard lighting to work with some of these major software suites that can control everything in. Fact, my favorite choice is probably surprisingly razor because razors already got such a huge ecosystem that I bet you they'd work great with graphics cards with peripherals. And if they just had motherboards too, you could just install one software program and control all of your RGB, lighting and that's how it needs to be so that's.

What I've got for you guys? Let me know what you think too. If you agree with me on the motherboards working with these companies because I don't know about you guys, but. I was pretty fed up with it. It really hit me hard on my schedule, but I know, some of you guys you're just fed up with it, because you want your system to work properly, and bad software is not an excuse for these companies anymore. Still love. My gaming.

Hex 477 got well export, 70 gaming 7, motherboard, it's, a great board looks wonderful. Just wish that software wasn't so terrible. Alright, guys, I'm going to go ahead and sign out now.

Thanks for checking in hardware. Hound catch you later,

Dated : 09-May-2022

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