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Eldon ring is the latest game from software, and it is massive absolutely incredibly big. And as it's a from software game, it can be challenging. So I've prepared a guide for you on a helpful, beginner's route, you can take that should help you get through the beginning of the game with that said, if an area is too difficult for you, you can always leave and come back later when you have better weapons, ashes or are a higher level. There are definitely ways to negate challenge in this game.

But I. Know, it's easy to get lost and end up somewhere overwhelming thanks to the sheer scope. So without further ado let's get into it. Your starting class is totally up to you. This is something you can very easily change and customize as you progress through the game.

So don't stress out about it too much choose something that sounds fun for more on. It makes sure to check out our starting class guide by billy givens as far as your starting gift is concerned. I'd highly recommend deciding the golden seed. Golden seeds, allow you to upgrade your flasks of tears, your main healing item in the game. So you have more uses out of it before you have to return to and rest at a site of grace. If you're new to the game. First things first make sure you don't, miss, the tutorial area, the cave of knowledge as it can actually be surprisingly, easy to miss.

If you're an experienced player feel free to skip it, although it does teach some new mechanics such as guard countering. Once you've opened the door outside. Of the stranded graveyard and into improve, the world truly is your oyster, but don't be overwhelmed. Your first goal is to activate three sites of grace as this will bring melanoma to you who will not only give you the ability to access torrent, the spectral steed, but also the ability to level up to easily access torrents.

I'd advise signing the spectral steed whistle to your quick item menu, which you can access in the equipment section that way you can just hit the action key. And the corresponding. Directional button to quickly call them to you. This means you won't have to spend time scrolling through your item menu. So you can quickly escape from situations that get a bit sticky you'll also want to find your first map fragment. So you can more easily explore and find things in the massive over world.

Your first sight of grace is easy enough right in front of you at the first step next you'll want to head directly north and avoid the tree sentinel hanging out on the path, where you'll find the. Church of Ella, another site of grace, a blacksmithing table and Kali the merchant. If you need a hand finding these three just follow the golden path.

Kylie, the merchant sells a number of useful items, the crafting kit will allow you to use all the crafting materials. You've gathered throughout the game and craft whatever you choose. I highly recommend buying a torch here. It's only 200 runes, and you'll, definitely want one for the dungeons ahead. He also sells a note about the flask of wondrous. Physic this is another healing flask, you can find which can be incredibly useful.

This note clues you in on the location, just northeast through the force is your next destination. This leads you to the gate front ruins and your first map fragment if you require help tracking down these map fragments, open your map and look for these icons that's, where you'll find them make sure to fully explore these runes as there's a secret basement that contains a whetstone, which is what allows you to equip ashes of. War under your weapons, which are very useful skills, you'll find throughout the game on top of that on the north side, you'll find a chest with the lord sworn's great sword, while you might not have the stats to be able to wield it. Yet.

This is a great starting weapon for any type of strength build. And if you're new to these games, I recommend trying it out and leveling up your strength stats to wield it when you can the weapon's a little slower, but is powerful enough to allow you to briefly stagger. Many enemies you otherwise couldn't, just by hitting them with a two-handed attack, or even sometimes a one-handed attack, not only that, but to the north-west and southeast of gate, front ruins you'll, find sites of grace rest at one of these, and both torrent and the ability to level up is yours. Once you've done all of this. I want you to hop on torrent and run through the storm gate to the west of the gate front site of grace and follow the path up to the storm hill shack along the way you'll find. Another golden seed, which you'll definitely want as it will allow you yet another upgrade to your flasks of tears, not only that.

But at the storm hill shack, you'll find a NPC who will gift you spirit jellyfish, ashes in my opinion, this is an incredibly useful spirit. Ash as you can use it to help distract bosses and take their aggro away from you. However, you can't use spirit ashes yet. But now that you have torrent, you can now find the spirit calling bell, which allows you to do this. First thing you.

Need to do is rest at your site of grace and pass time until night as the NPC, who gives you this only appears at night next warp back to the church of Ella, and you'll now, find the witch Rena talk to her, and she'll gift. You the spirit calling bell as well as lone wolf ashes. Now you have an extra tool to aid you in combat from here. There are two dungeons.

I'd recommend checking out. These are storm foot catacombs. And the grove side cave they're low level, dungeons, which are well suited for beginners. And completing these will give you a way to earn runes and level up your character. Both of these locations are along the cliffside northwest of the church of Ella completing those next location is the waypoint rune cellar. This is going to be southeast of the gate front runes. And the agile lake north side of grace cross the bridge and find the waypoint runes within these runes you'll find the mad pumpkin head, boss fight after defeating him, you'll find both the site of grace and a secret.

Location with sorcerer's selling selling is going to be your way to buy new groceries. So this is definitely a must-visit location if you're doing a sorcery style, build next. We travel to the limb grave tunnels.

This tunnel is north along agile lake and north of the dragon burnt ruins. You can attempt to take on the flying dragon again. If you feel ready, otherwise feel free to run past him and to the bottom of the cliffside, where you'll find the tunnel. I take you here because improve tunnel is filled. To the brim with smiting stones.

This is true. The various tunnels in every region of the game smiting stones are your key to leveling up your weapons. So if you're doing any kind of melee build you absolutely want to head here, early once you finish this we're going to get that flask of wondrous physic, according to the note from gala it's at the third church of America, north of the mist wood. So all you need to do is go back to the waypoint rune cellar. Now take the path north don't cross the. Bridge, but rather keep following the path.

If you keep following it to its end, you'll come to the third church America. And the flask of wonders physics there's, also an artist shack along the way with a painting you can try to have fun and see if you can figure out the location, the painting was painted at. Now we have some options.

There are plenty of side dungeons to do in the main part of improve. And I recommend completing these as it will help. You level up your character. Once you finish this and. Want to explore more rather than heading north into storm hill in Starkville castle. I recommend you head south into the weeping peninsula. This is definitely meant to be the early game area.

You go to and there's plenty to find here that will help you out castle mourn to the south is a much larger dungeon, but much easier to complete than storm vale and certainly meant for lower level players not only that. But on the way to Castlemaine, you can find yet another golden seed on top of that you'll find. A minor herb tree on this peninsula, which will give you more goodies. You can use for your flask of wondrous physic. And probably most importantly, there are multiple churches on the weeping peninsula that contain sacred tears while the golden seas, upgrade the number of uses, you have out of your flasks of tears, the sacred tiers, upgrade the potency and make it. So each chug will heal you for more once again, I recommend exploring all the weeping peninsula for its various secrets and dungeons, which. Will help you level up and strengthen your character, preparing you for Starkville castle.

If you still don't feel confident, this might be a good time to go explore miss wood, fully which is to the east of improve as well as storm hill, which is to the north side, just make sure not to venture too deeply in the called as that is definitely a high level area. Alright, all of that done is time to tackle Starkville castle or is it if you can, might as well. Go ahead have fun and see if you can conquer the. Challenge if you're still struggling there's, actually a way to skip Starkville castle and travel directly into Leon of the lakes to the east side of Starkville castle, just north of the storm hill shack, you can find a path that will lead you to a broken bridge. Go ahead and travel to the end of that bridge, and you'll find a crumbled path that takes you down.

And through the side of the castle. This will take you right to the lake facing cliff, shrine of grace and Leon of the lakes. Now you can fully. Explore this section and its dungeons and try to level up even further, which will help make Starkville more simple I'm, not going to go too deeply into this area. But I will say this, I recommend going to carry a manor before the academy of real Lucia. I also recommend that after you finish red Lucia, you travel up to the atlas plateau and lane Lindell as your next location. Called is a very high level area.

And while you can find it early on, I think lateral is actually logically supposed to come. First and there you have a beginner's guide and path to take with Eldon ring, of course, you're free to alter this. However, you like and have fun and explore. However, you want that's the joy of this type of game. But I thought I'd give a recommended path for beginners and something that might help take some frustration away if you're having trouble. I also made a guide of tips for beginning players.

You can also check out right here on game spot. Thanks so much for watching and make sure to stay tuned to. Gamespot for more elder ring content, you.

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

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