Diary Conversation S01 E8 Trailer || Kb And Petersen Conversation

I just like I've seen the first time there was a time when Zambians supported everything that is under yeah. He does not then there was a time that they'll say, okay, Zambian. But it needs to be a hit after Jackie did on our. Yeah, yeah. I remember, a time, Jake and Danny, actually, yeah. So, but now we never had a hit hit hit somewhere. You know that this when we had, that there's a hit song around, right there, wasn't there to are you.

So it was like the fist time before like what apart from Danny Kaye. Yeah, I hope, yes, that was like, yeah, we know this is good Zambian music, but where you have is so my major I need every person is listening to everyone started thinking, yes, you can have good songs on an album, but you can help up easy to have it give us on. Yeah, that's how now it might sound recording. And then from there we started working on your work on good songs, but you need to have easy song, yeah. And I think the only one who changed that to say, yes, you can have the heat zone, but you require.

To have heat songs whose convenient another day. Yeah, chameleon I like the whole album, yes, you're, not alone. Mix I. Remember?

What I was working on when YAGNI album yet and Bob Geneva I was listening to chameleon like if I feel this song is shaky. I might normally I just want to have something on it. Wait we're. Yeah. So now back to yes.

So I, hear you introduce the song it starts playing and everyone in the house goes mute because now you're, not sure is it for real or what? Yeah. So I'm like that's, my son, Yeah, it is but how so like it's obvious, Incas, take any, yeah, you play it.

Yeah, you finish playing. You start talking I. Did yeah.

Holly. Yeah. They started calling you like in three hours.

You play. D610. Yeah. Good work. Yeah. And the following after that I left for home, like you, I could feel something has changed about.

Dated : 18-Mar-2022

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