Diagnose & Repair A Cracked Cylinder Head : Cracked Cylinder Diagnosis: Remove The Intake Manifold

Hi I'm, Doug, I work with 20 great guys in st. Louis at Doug Jenkins, custom, hot rods, and we're going to do some work for you today on expert village, look at the milk inside your records over yeah, that's it. When you see this kind of milky mess inside your rocker cover there's. Another indicator, you got a cooling problem, got coolant, mixing with your oil. So Dan is going to poke around with a pry bar here. And there push and pull on things trying to get the seal between the intake manifold and the cylinder. Heads in the cylinder block to break loose now he's going to be careful about this, because there might be a fastener hidden that was missed. The first go around you'll, see him poking around here being real smart because it's, no fun breaking stuff, because you missed something.

The reason it sticks real good is that we want it to you don't want a water leak or an air leak at the intake manifold as part of this he's going to try a just a putty knife in between the intake manifold in the block to see. If he can break that seal loose, the silicone we got on. There is a real good glue. It holds things real well now, it's loose. So Dan chose to run the putty knife here, where the silicone seals to the block because that's a less important seal, you would never want to drive a tool in this joint here. Now, that's the most critical seal that's where the water and the air are both sealed off. So just off the top of my head.

The first thing I see is coolant inside the motor, not where you want it to be that you. Should only see nice clean oil in these passages when we're done with the job. The first thing we're going to do is change the oil before we fire the engine, then we're going to run the engine for a little while and change the oil again,

Dated : 16-Apr-2022

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