Como Detectar El Plagio De Un Trabajo O Texto Gratis 2020

Hello to all and all, next. We are going to see how to see if there is a plan with plagiarism, that is to say, This control is being used a lot. , I, see copy and paste in the students' work, It is very easy to use, So I am going to put here a text. We are going to put this text verses I, am I going to copy this.

For example, here it is. This allows you up to a thousand words, a thousand words. So here, for example, use 113 words.

So it is enough to use it for free. So I am going to put you to check if there is. A plagiarism in this text, it will start to scan.

It may take some time. It will sometimes take a minute, 30 seconds, depending on the number of words, then we go here also here you can also do the same I. Am I going to leave you these two links of these two pages in the description of the video is like the first comment pinned. So you can download without good don't download use this tool without any problem, then I'm going to check it out. And this one is also processed.

There are differences between these. Two plagiarism detectors, let's see here. So here, what we have tells me that it is 100% unique and has nothing legal. It is a text that I am doing on methodology that already helps me to know something.

But also, for example, if you want to know, let's, put education, if you ask for an essay some work where you want to know, the students' own words, this you have to see experts like education, Wikipedia, something classic that students use maybe I'm going to erase here that throw me out that if there is a. Price the process is very rare as you can see, it is 100% plagiarized from here. The similarity with this is 100%.

Therefore, here we realize that they are not doing it. So here it continues processing. The first text this, it takes a while, let's say, possibly in more data age sources.

And if you want for example, a complete report when it ends here, you can buy. But in the end, this is not what If you don't buy if you don't use it here, it's 0% plagiarized. And what the other tool had told us then we're going. To use it again, we're going to load it.

In this case, we're going to load a file use this. This file you have to open and me ask me to put an email. So they can send the results, and I'm going to send it. Then you can upload a student file from someone you think might use this a lot of copying and pasting and wait for this to be processed. This one will only say 0% 5% will not give you a real report of 100%. But if you already discover in that document that something is flanked with all, you are going. To do is use copy and paste to use it on this side and that's it.

You find the similarities here because this process that can take I, don't know, maybe five minutes, or you think they are there. You put it you wait for the process to conclude a week, an email. And in that email, they will tell you that your report is ready.

Then I'm going to open let's say that file here I have it. For example, here it is then possibly if you find yourself you, consider, it has some plagiarism because you can see copy text and. If you get a text report I, tell you on this page, you go to this for that, you see in which part because it is not going to tell you in which part. But here you can already check it in this case. So that is the way I combined, two tools to make this process, free.

Possibly if I did it with only one, it would be a little more tired. He used this to upload a complete document I see what percentage of plagiarism. It is, and I start if I find a percentage possibly greater than 20 that maybe there is a textual. Citation this when a textual citation let's say that 20% is handled what it is plagiarism, but that they are using textual citations as such if it exceeds this 20 does not mean that there is something wrong, and I begin to see here, for example, I already see that it is 100% unique, and it happens. But then here I can already see this post, So I'm, not telling you, I'm, leaving you.

So you can download it or download it, consult it in the description as you can see, and it's finished, It says that it. 's 0% plagiarism, it's, also, an essay I wrote for a diploma, so it's, an essay, look, it's, three pages, long, I, don't know, how many. Words this will have let's talk about maybe 500 600 words or maybe a little more. And here it is then it's that simple. You can repeat it again and sorry, it's so repetitive.

This page is used upload the document hope you have the result of whether there is plagiarism. If you see that when you see this, you see that 20 percent that here when it is processing, you. Deum 10 or 15, 20 percent want to know where plagiarism from because you start copying and pasting parts of the text and use this tool that will go to the results. And here it will appear from what website or from what space on the internet, could this copy and paste in a way, possibly even download then on my part, it would be everything I hope. This helps you, and we are seeing each other in a next video greeting. And until next time,

Dated : 03-May-2022

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