Coleman Roadtrip Quick Connect Conversion

The Tor chic convert Asia, it converts your Coleman, road trip, propane, grill to a quick connect for easy hookup to your RVs low-pressure propane system, please read and follow all instructions included with the converter seek it be certain that your propane appliance is disconnected from any fuel source while installing the confer tepee, if you're unsure or unaware of safe propane, gas and propane, appliance use and assembly do not proceed. First remove the regulator assembly from the rear of the grill by. Unscrewing the brass swivel connector next separate the regulator assembly into its two component pieces by unscrewing, the regulator and metal tube arm from the brass swivel connector to do this secure the flat sides of the brass swivel connector near the connection with the chrome tube, armed with vise grip, pliers or channel lock pliers then unscrew, the regulator and metal tube arm assembly by hand, be sure to keep the spring and backflow stopper that's inside the brass swivel connector in place. Now, using the pipe joint compound, provided in the converter C kit, apply a small amount of joint compound to the male threads of the converter C brass fitting next. Screw the converter see brass fitting into the brass swivel connector, be sure the spring and backflow stopper is still in place in the brass Louisville connector, tighten, too snug, plus a quarter, turn install the brass swivel connection with the now attached convert a seat fitting to the rear of the Coleman road trip grill as you.

Normally would next attach the three-eighths female flair, swivel end of the 8-foot hose provided in the converter seek it to the male end of the converter see fitting at the rear of the grill tighten with a wrench. Now, your converted Coleman road trip. Grill is ready to attach to your RVs female Quick Connect and be leaked tested use the leak C leak detector provided in your converter, seek it to perform the necessary leak test.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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