Caltech In Solving Nth Term Of Arithmetic Sequence Using Casio Fx - 570ES PLUS Calculator

Using the 570 VN, plus emulator, okay. So 570, uh, calculator. Okay. So UNO in the sequence 900 in the sequence 921, 821, 721 in 621. What is the seventh term of the sequence I'm?

Adding n term using the calculator? Okay, so I recommend to use, uh, the 991. Es, plus or 991ex, plus calculator. Casey mateys. Starting sequence. Okay, second, turn. Nothing.

I 821. Okay. So okay. Okay question. So we have the value of the seventh term is three hundred. Twenty-one so Eric seventh term, a three hundred.

Twenty-one congruent, 321. Okay, So the answer is seven, e, b, sub, non. I among attends value.

Number seven term. I 321. Okay. So three hundred twenty-one, young, acting value, paras, seven terminal adding sequence.

Next example is found the thirtieth term of 2, 6, 10 and 14. Okay, sequence 2, 6, 10 and 14. Okay. So one and okay. So next time, another value in the first term we have two equals and then six for the value of the second term. Okay, after none, clicking ac and then shift coming 118 by sponsor to your terms of click and shift one. Five.

And then Canada, four, okay, 118 equals 30th term. 118. 30th terms are in sequence. NATO, 6, 10, 14. Okay, okay.

So let's have another example, find the seventh term of an arithmetic sequence. If the third term is five. And the fifth term is eleven. Okay. So Hinayana third term equals to five and fifth term equals to eleven clicks, nothing ac and then click mouse shift.

One stat. And then five regression. Okay is one and then regression five and then click, not in four. Okay, seven terms. Malaga. Okay.

So 17 equals to 7. Therefore, 17 17 i7 term, atom 7, term is 17. Okay.

So our answer here is letter c. Okay. So let's have another example. Okay. So another example, if the fourth term of an arithmetic sequence is 24 and 12th term is 56. What is the first term and the 20th term of the sequence? Okay, so, you know first term at June 20th, terminating, s, okay, so mode and then three stat and then arithmetic sequence or arithmetic progression two and then again, given a term. So we have four because it has given satin fourth term and.

Twelve term, okay, and then again, x, ah, sorry. Fourth term, acne terms. So you have fourth term equals to 24 and the 12th term equals to 56. Given a value. So ac, then click, nothing shift one stat and then five regression.

Okay, term. Okay, Karina. One, five, five grand and one five, four in eighty-eight, BA, spank 20th term. Okay. So look at 1988. Okay. So the answer is 20 Eric on sequence using the 570, e, s or 991es plus calculator.

Thank you.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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