Bronx Youth Poetry SLAM 2013, Ethan Metzger

There's someone I know who is slow to commend equipped to condescend who's reluctant to let the end, but ready to point and laugh at those who need one day I was in school in class explaining my Judaism when this person has the audacity to explain, you know, your only juice because your parents asked to be I mean, it's all fake you don't. We pray to God because you want to you only pray to God because your parents made you think you have to you don't, keep any of the laws of your own free will your. Parents just make you feel completely needed to keep them. My classmates Meet, your parents brainwashing your whole life, but you think you were doing God's work, but they were just imposing restriction upon description.

You don't have any real conviction of your own. You don't really know anything about anything a silence swept over the classroom. I could sense of my friends.

Look at me as to how I would react. I felt like this year went after he and more importantly, my penance, excuse me and I thought. My parents brainwashed me, I think a response, but the more I thought, the more I realized that the student actually had a very valid argument, I thought, myself you're, absolutely right. My parents didn't brainwash me from the time I entered this world. My parents grade must be as early as I. Can remember my parents were brainwashed me to have respect for other people for their belonging for myself since I was little interrupting me.

They could think these I even treat. Everyone else not wanting to treat. It no matter what my parents program in to believe that I should stand up for some of that person would be before being picked on I shouldn't, be advised if I could stock enough to take a place up here. Brainwash me, yeah, my father who was done my infant brain in such a horrific way that he made me value, my integrity and to make matters even worse.

He led, by example, my mom, she necessity told me as a child again and again. And again, to just do the best we can to that ideas have become so ingrained in. My mind I, don't define success as over I, get an A or with a game that has to give it my all. My parents were herded. My way of thinking causing me to believe I need to be accepting of other people in their beliefs. They contaminated my childhood with models and accidents and lessons about love and faith the character and yes, religion, too, and I'm.

Sorry for you that your parents until II didn't inspect your DNA with any of these ideals, but I didn't say any of that, because my parents also bleep, my. Conscience to believing that I shouldn't judge someone till I walked a mile in their shoes, which it makes me think that God does for millions of maritime stain, quite frankly, I don't have to stand for that. But here's, what I did said you can call it rain washing. If you want that's, fine I call it teaching you.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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