***Holy $ish That's Loud!!!*** Sundown Unofficial Turbo RZR Loud Speaker Distance Test

Hey, what's up guys. Welcome back. The Sunday. Audio unofficial.

YouTube channel. My name is dark and uh today, we're going to do a video I've been meeting do for a while something's come up every day for the past two weeks, that's, prevented me be it weather or containers coming through. But we finally got a good bright sunshiny day out here. Uh, rocking my sundown. Audio sunglasses, you can find them at sundownofficial.com, but we're getting out here we're going to do a walk around of the sundown official. Turbo razor and a listening test.

So if nothing else you're going to make sure you hear this listening test I'm going to do a big distance test and show you just, uh, how loud and how far this thing travels, and hopefully that comes across on video. But first let's dive into it. Just give you a little introduction. What we got going on here with the racer all right. So this is my 2021, uh, Polaris, turbo, razor RR, whatever you want to call it. It is 100 street legal that's. Why you see the wheels and tires?

I. Got on it right now, these are my street tires, they're, 24s rock, rocking, some low profiles. Yes, this thing still does do off-road duty as well. I've got three different sets of wheels and tires. I swap between just depending on what I'm doing whether I'm driving on the street like I am right now whether I'm going MUDding doing some uh, trailing, just uh, all depends on the situation.

But yep, rocking those big 24 inches, MSA wheels. It is quick. We got a few, uh performance, mods on here as well as some. Other basic stuff, you see roof LED lights got a winch there on the front lower doors all that good stuff performance, starting to see, uh, got a little tuning module up there. It is as it is tuned.

We do have, um a full kit from aftermarket assassins here. Oh, you can see my plate. Yes, this thing is 100 title, tag and street legal, but uh, full, um, cat-back exhaust back here from aftermarket assassins. We have the intake pipe the up charge tube. We've got the uh.

The waste gate is adjusted. Ah, trying to think of. What else is on here full clutch work, all clutch work from aftermarket assassins and um. Needless to say, it's, it's, pretty quick. These turbos they're decently quick from the factory, but with the uh degree mods. It adds a good bit of pep to it.

Now to start on the stereo I'll show you starting at the very front. I am running a tablet install, so I'm running a Samsung tablet. Hooked here on the dash, then we're doing Bluetooth back to the back. We've got our amps, and I'll pull a seat out in a second show.

You the amps running to sundown audio vex 8-inch speakers in these pods here. Now these are not sundown audio pods. These are some generic empty aluminum pods.

I found online got them and put our speakers in they work really well, got them clamped on now down here. We've got our sundown audio BT tweeters. Now we've done a quick intro there, I'll, pop this back seat out real quick and uh show you where some other goods chill. Now if you're not familiar with these things, yes, little, one click. Action and the back seat pops right out so hiding back here in case, you didn't know, sundown audio or sundown power sports, we actually make batteries now. So we have our own line of AGM batteries in stock.

These are direct replacement for Polaris razors. You can find them at sundownpowersports.com. So I've got my sundown power sports battery, and that is feeding two amplifiers. Currently, we've got our Sunday audio six 100.4, which is powering the BT tweeters up there. And then I actually have a sundown.

Audio says, 3500d, yep, that's, a 3500 watt amp powering all four of these eight inch pods here with those debates now, uh vaccinated speakers, a little disclaimer. They are not marine rated just like the BT tweeters aren't read rated. But I have had this thing out in, uh, some conditions. Some weather they have gotten wet. I have actually fully power washed these, uh, vex, eights before not had an issue. They are real carbon fiber cones, all you can see they're, they're filthy right now.

I think the whole. Machine's kind of dirty right now, because I have been driving it back and forth to work one of the big benefits of it being 100 street legal, but just a little disclaimer. Uh, we do not rate these vex agent speakers, they're, not marine rated as waterproof or anything. But I've been running them on here for a little while and not had a major issue yet. Now we do have other speakers like our bps. Those are our power sport speakers.

They are marine rated. We've got those available right now at. Sundownpowersports. Com and um along with our eight inch and six and a half inch subwoofers, I do not currently have a squadron here yet. But this is about to undergo a full rebuild coming really, really soon. So I wanted to hurry up and get this video shot before I do the new rebuild for this season and uh, we're going to go a little bigger better and definitely a lot louder, but that's it.

Let me set this camera down and um we're going to drive all the way down there in this field, it's almost the distance. Of a football field, let me set this camera down, and we're going to drive it across there. And let you see what it sounds like or hear what it sounds like all right got the camera set up in the tripod. So I'm going to drive all the way back there in the woods into that darkness, um, like I said, or just a second ago, it's its almost linked to a football field. I don't think it's quite a full hundred yards, but really close I'm going to disappear. Probably in the shadows right there and uh, turn it on so give me. Just a few seconds to get, uh driven over there.

And um, unfortunately, I do have to play YouTube music stuff, that's, royalty free. So I can't play any super popular songs or else. The video on the channel take a ding, but pause with me, uh, hang tight for just a few seconds. I'm gonna drive over we're gonna play about 30 seconds clip, um, any more than that. And some neighbors on their side woods will get, uh, fairly angry with us. But about 30 second clip rolls back here do an outro mm-hmm.

So, um, Oh, all right. So there you guys have it, hopefully all the hip across on video really well, um, if you're a fan of players and razors that should even give you a little example of what the aftermarket assassin exhaust sounds like I love it. I do not run a quiet core. I did buy a quiet cord with that exhaust system. And I love the sound of it open so much that I don't run it.

But hopefully all that came across on camera. We are using the new Samsung s22 ultra to shoot this that's, why? No intros, no fancy. Editing it's just point click record and going to send it straight to YouTube so that's it. Let me know what you think in uh comments, turbo, razor it's, fast, it's loud, new, rebuild coming.

You want to hear some more popular songs on it find us at the show I'll be doing a video soon posting our show scheduled for this year. Right now. First up, I think is going to be seaport showdown in Savannah. Georgia, coming, um around the beginning of April, but uh, look that one up. And then, um, beginning of May we're gonna.

Be at triple fest over in Alabama, but finest, there I'll be towing this around the country all year showing it off showing all our new power sports product. So that's, it let's wrap this up, remember, if you like what we're doing on the channel click that thumbs up button, give us a like subscribe all that cool stuff. And until next time we will see you all then.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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