3 Ways To Make Money From Craigslist 2019

What's going on guys. Thank you for watching this video. And in this video I will show you guys three ways to make money on Craigslist in 2019 in this video I'm going to be showing you guys three ways to make money on Craigslist in 2019 with Alex. So I'm going to show you guys the three ways in which I've been making money using Craigslist ever since 2015.

But this is 2019 something we're showing you three methods in which I use to make money on Craigslist in 2019 right? So Craigslist is the eighth most. Visited website in the world right gets hundreds of thousands of visitors every single day. And if you know how to leverage the power of Craigslist, you can make money with these three different ways I'm about to show you right, so I've been using the power Chryslers ever since about 2015 to make money, right, I earned thousands of dollars on Craigslist with these three different methods I'm about to show you and tell you right? What tell you first, let me show you how to do. It right?

The first method is with affiliate based marketing right? So if you're not familiar with affiliate based marketing affiliate based markings where we market and advertise, other companies products and services where we generate them a new sale, we get paid right, so I use websites like ClickBank, calm I, sell digital products, or I sell direct sale products. Maybe like you know to do ClickBank to job zoo and other affiliate based marketing networks that you can promote these products on.

Craigslist generate sales and make money right? The second thing you're going to do is you're going to use Fiverr to outsource everything. Now if you're not familiar with fiverr.com fiverr.com is created pretty much like a digital marketing marketplace.

We can get logos done flyers done business cards designs done. You can get a bunch of digital products done. And you can be the middleman right because on five right? Everything starts with five bucks right? So you can get a local design.

The. Business card design a flyer design for possibly ten bucks, you can create an ad on Craigslist and say, I design flyers. And the ad on Craigslist says you charge. Sixty-five bucks you go to the Fiverr you pay 15, and you charge your client, 65 bucks. And you just made $45 for doing nothing besides just being the middleman. The third thing I use Craigslist for to make money, which I've used to make thousands and thousands of dollars is with CPA.

Marketing esteem will cost per acquisition marketing. Now, this is. A little black hat marketing because Craigslist doesn't, really like CPA marketers, but you can leverage the power of priceless to make money with it. If we know how to like, you know, design the ad copy design, the funnel and design the surrounding system.

And you can use Craigslist for lead gen offers or just sales in general. So let me show you how I use Craigslist to make money to make thousands of dollars. Heiresses 2015. Right? So let's go to Craigslist. Comm should boom, Craigslist, right.

It's the most visited website in the whole world, right? So now Craigslist charge the charge five to ten dollars per ad, depending on what section right so say, if we're doing affiliate offers right, we can come down here and post, an ad in the gig section. It depends on what kind of affiliate offers and what niche you're in. But you can post ads inside the job section with affiliate offers. You can post hold on sorry about that. You can post in the community section with affiliate offers.

Furthermore, you can post in. Their services with affiliate offer on ClickBank or JV zoo I. You can post in resumes with affiliate offers if we know how you're doing I used to sell a resume course and teaches people how to write the perfect resume and cover letter and I used to sell the resume course from ClickBank in the resume sections and make thousands of dollars throughout the years right? So another thing you can do is you can go to a website called fiverr.com. Fiverr. Com is a digital marketplace to say, if. I wanted to come over here and get flyer design, right who flies it load up real quick.

So what you're going to do is find, you know, flyer design, right? These. You start at 15 I mean, 5 bucks, but you know, $35 to save you come use this woman, okay. She charges 35 bucks. Right?

You come over the Craigslist and go to the services section and go into a vein go into a skill train or writing the head and create the ad on Craigslist that says, hey, I would design you a logo for $100 right? If that person on Fiverr. Is charged in 35 bucks, you simply create the ad on Fiverr people email you talk with a person, and you get the specifications from the person you get what they want inside the fly.

You go back to Fiverr tell the fiber guy what you want. They make the that they make the flyer from you, you charge $100, you pay, five or thirty, five bucks and use. Maybe fifty-five dollars for doing absolutely nothing besides the middle man right? So the third thing you can do is make money on crisis is through max. Bally or CPA offers now, this is more black hat marketing.

And if you guys aren't familiar with black hat, marketing its, a little just google blackout marketing, right? You can use max bounty to leverage the power of lead generation and sales and post ads and Craigslist right? Because let me break it down to you guys right now, you know, it's a little different for me because I live in New York city, one of the most highly visited websites and Chryslers websites in the world. But I've a training course.

That's going to show you how to post your ad on every state inside Craigslist, right? You can push it I can live I have a training course in the software that allows me to live in New, York City. But post ads in California allows me to live in New, York City, but post ads in Florida. And with this training with this software I have right he's going to show you how to post multiple how to have multiple ad accounts, how to create the right ad copy has a fun little people to your fairly offer to the 500.

Offer to money every single day on Craigslist, because Craigslist is very very very powerful traffic source that if you master Craigslist will get very, very good Craigslist. You can bet you can get more of these. You can build your email list. Furthermore, you can sell more stuff using Craigslist. If we know how to leverage the power of Craigslist right?

So, if you guys want to learn how to turn Craigslist into a money machine, if you want to learn how in 2019 and turn crisis into a money machine, what you can do is. Email me below email me below this video I'm going to send over my Craigslist. Training course it is not free right? It's, not free, but it's under $100. Now I can almost guarantee if you buy, this course, and you implement what we teach you inside. This course, whether it be with affiliate marketing using Fiverr as the middleman or CPA marking, you can make thousands a thousand of dollars a week or a month or a year, leveraging the power of Craigslist lead affiliate, marketing Fiverr and CPA marketing.

So. Thank you guys for watch this video, if you have any questions, make sure you email me below about the Craigslist course or add me on Facebook. Thank you guys for watching this video on how to make money on Craigslist in 2019. Thank you for watching the video on how to make money on Craigslist in 2019 catch you guys on the next video. Peace.

Dated : 03-Apr-2022

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