2007-2011 Honda CR-V Tire Rotation

All right so we're going to do a tire rotation, or we're also doing some other maintenance. I got engine, coolant draining right now. We're going to go ahead. And this is a 19 millimeter.

Uh, lug nut, I'm, going to take the front ones off rotate them to the back on the same side, and we'll, take the back tires off and put them on the front on the opposite side. So we'll just start by taking these off already got them loosened. You want to loosen them before you jack up the vehicle. Okay, you just leave your lug nuts.

Sitting off to the side just give yourself enough room to pull these off. And when you have them off it's a good idea, I may have to go get one sometimes I'll, keep a little screwdriver to pry out big pieces of gravel. This is a depth, always gauge good to check your depth.

You just basically put it there. Let the sides, uh hit the tire. So you push down until it hits the tire. So that lets me know that this is 8 30 seconds. So this is in 30 seconds, it's lined up with the eight so that's, eight, thirty. Seconds, and you can see that it's its still in the green you have to make your own judgment.

So let's find out when it gets out of the green, so it's, six. So basically it's good till it gets to six 30 seconds, and we're at eight. So that lets us know these are good. But we want to put in our future. We know, we're gonna need tires sometime, so we're going to roll this back to this one we're gonna, and it's just good to visually inspect your tire.

See if it's got uneven wear see, if you got any big old pieces. Of gravel see if you see any damage, I see, uh, looks like something I might be able to pry out of there. I'm going to go get a screwdriver and do that. But uh, I can do that. So we're gonna we're gonna basically go front to back I'm going to take this back one off, and it'll go to the front on the other side. And so I just kind of do it in order, so we're going to keep going here all right.

So we've got all of our tires on now we're going to set them on the ground, and then we'll do our final lug not torque. So. We're gonna all right.

So now, the last step we want to make sure all of our lug nuts are torqued to 80 foot pounds. So we've already got them tightening, but not all the way. So I want to kind of go every other bolt clockwise fashion. Okay, until you hear that click that lets you know, that's what a torque wrench does lets me know when I've got it set at 80 foot-pounds and just to show you if you can see this, this torque wrench there's, an 80 foot-pound line, 80 and DNS rose 80 foot-pounds.

And so we. Just go around and do every bolt this way. So you tighten them. Most of the way while the car is jacked up so that the wheels are stable when it hits the ground. And then the last thing to do with the tires would be to check your air pressure and on air pressure for tires.

Never look at the tire it's going to give you a number that's way higher than you want to use. So on every vehicle, no matter what tires you have on it. You want to open the driver door. You want to look for this sticker tire and. Loading information front tire, 30 psi, rear tire 30 psi. So every time you rotate your tires and every time there's, a major seasonal change. You ought to check the air in the summer you're going to have to maybe let some air out in the winter time going to need to add some, so we'll do that.

And that ends our tire rotation.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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