00 Lexus Timing Belt Part 2

Now while you're down here at the bottom, go ahead and change the hydraulic tensioner pulley I took the tensioner off. So the pulleys free. Now.

Now take your new tensioner, it's, bolted, tighten. You can see that the pulley will move when that tensioner pushes up on it noise, check make sure your timing marks are still on each of the pulleys and replace your console. E. Now, whatever you're doing the timing belt on these. You got to change the water pump because the water pump is underneath the timing belt. So at this point, take all the bolts off and remove the water pump going back to this water pump. Now we took the bolts out of the water pump.

But if you remember this bracket, one of the studs sheared off the torque send on it. But when the bracket was on there, there was just a very little. You really couldn't get on to it, but those DUES they're still going to have to come out in order to get the water pump off without taking off all the cam gears. So we've got a tool here for this comes in a kit. Like this it's called a stud extractor kit.

And you can see we've got one down here actually on that stud. Now, the other stud thing that's nice about this. It will slip over the threads into the grip, the body part of that stud. So that you won't ruin, the threads slide it over. It goes past that it grips the body part of the stud hmm.

Now you can see we've got those studs out. We still got good threads on the end for our nut to cinch - now here's the other one. And you can see where the end was broke off. So this tool works real good to get broken studs off still leaves the threads out where you can get your not back on now, removing that water pump. You have to take those studs out, because if you'll notice the very top edge that water pump tucks up underneath that plate.

But when those studs are out of there, you can actually pull the water pump out water pump actually tucks up underneath this plate. Right here when you take those studs out, then it can come out and tip now, we're, ready for the new. Water pump take the water pump gasket out the old one going back together slide, the gasket on there's several pins there to get it lined up correct.

If you take a pry bar, put it right behind that lever I give you just a little of leverage getting that on there. This is a pretty tight fit. You got to fill it around there to get it on there, right?

Because there are many guide pins and bolts. And it has to tuck up underneath that flat once it's, right? It will slide right into place, and you're ready.

To bolt it down, you can use this same tool. But you took the studs out with two put them back in water pump. Both all have 53 inch pound. Torque spec, put your upper pulley in installing the timing belt, it's important that the belt stays tight once you get the marks lined up. So one thing we like to do is use little plastic tie straps.

Once you get the belt around one pulley, put a tie strap on it to hold it. And you go to the other pulley. And you do the same thing that way that the teeth on that belt. Is going to stay right where you want them.

Then, once you get it all in place, you can cut those straps off. So once you get your belt around each of the pulleys and the pulleys are on the timing marks you take those plastics, tie straps and hold it in place. You don't need to put a tie strap around the bottom of the cam there's, no hole for it to go around anyway.

But as long as the bottom is on the timing mark, and both of the cams are all on their timing mark. Then the cams can't move now we're going. To put the tensioner back on. Now you can see here our timing mark is still on the crankshaft pulley before you put that tensioner on reach up there with your fingers and make sure every tooth on the belt is in a tooth on the gear, otherwise when you release the tension, you could have one actually trapped in there. And the belt wouldn't be tight now to release the tension on the hydraulic tensioner, you pull that pin out that will let the plunger release and put tension up on the pulley. Now, your. Belts tight, put your belt guide back on double-check, all your timing marks make sure you're still right on the money once you're all your timing marks are on place.

And you can just cut these little straps out I have to put this aluminum cover back on. Now you can see the end of that bolt we still have good threads so that we can put a nut on their by using that stud extractor. The way we did put the cover back in place on the top put the lower cover on time to put your crank pulley back on crank. Pulley the spec is 219 Newton meters or about 158 foot-pounds. We start it lightly with an impact and then bring it up to torque. You lower the engine down put the bolt back in that motor mount to hold the engine down in the ground, put the strut mount back in put this bracket back on.

It holds the alternator in place put the cruise control back in place at this point, you're ready to put your serpentine belts back on look everything over tighten. It up put your wheel back on, and you're done. Okay. We. Start it up now to check everything runs good.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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